Foil Alternative

One of my favorite discoveries I made a year ago was precut parchment paper.  Because it is precut, it saves you time by having the perfect size ready for use.

I used to line my pans with foil when cooking for quick clean up. I now use parchment instead of foil to line my pans when I learned that when foil is heated it can leach into your food. I know there has not been any study to prove it is an endocrine disruptor but why risk it?  Eating foods laced with metal does not seem healthy to me.  We are exposed to so many chemicals on a daily basis and current regulations are not protecting us from harm.  If you go to the Environmental Working Groups website they list many products that are on the market today that have been proven to cause cancer.  Creating a clean kitchen is easier than you think.  Swap out cooking with foil to using parchment paper.

I also wrap seasoned chicken and fish creating a bundle infusing my foods with goodness. I also feel it cooks things a bit quicker because as the juices are released it kind of steams the food and reduces the likelihood of drying out. Give it a try!

You can buy it at Amazon or Walmart.