Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

If you haven’t heard about CSAs you need to. A CSA is a community supported agriculture. At the link below you can search your city or zip code to find what is available near you.

I joined two and alternate every other week. It is great because we get fresh organically grown fruits, veggies, and flowers.  The picture is from one of my boxes.  Just look at those colorful veggies.

An added bonus is we get to explore different veggies that we may not normally buy.  I love it and my families meals haven’t had this much fun in awhile!

The benefits of adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet are that you are getting more antioxidants and vitamins in every meal.  Not to mention a lot of them have added fiber which helps to keep things moving and improves gut health.  When you sign up for a CSA you get local produce that has not had to travel long distances to arrive in the grocery store.  Another benefit is that they are very fresh, the longer it takes you to get you food the more nutrients are lost.

Check it out today!