Holistic Health

We are all living in a world that values excess. The excess problem is causing an imbalance all around the globe, leading to more “sick care” than “well care.” We spend the most money on healthcare and wellness products in the world, however, we seem to have some of the highest rates of diabetes, obesity, cancer, and [insert any disease of your choice].

Why is that?

We aren’t a dumb nation. We have some of the smartest minds living and working in the United States. Why is it we are one of the sickest nations?

We consume too much of everything. Too much sugar, carbohydrates, dairy, and red meat. Our diet is no longer based on Whole Foods as nature intended us to eat. We all want to be healthy so why can’t we just be healthy? We should be able to go to the store and buy healthy foods. Our food is very different now than it was 50 years ago. The nutrients of an apple grown 50 years is different than an apple grown today. We have destroyed the natural organisms that used to live in nature working together to create the wonderful apple by applying pesticides and other chemicals to improve our crop yields. It’s not your fault that making good choices has become harder and harder.


Another reason for our lack of health is the number of diet fads out there. How do you navigate the ever-changing world of the diet trends? I don’t know about you but it is exhausting to keep up when one day coffee is good for you and the next day it isn’t. What we really need is a plan for our lives that is sustainable and enjoyable. Reasons people who start a diet fail include the diet being too restrictive and not practical or they are eating things that are not natural for their body. We are all unique beings and so are our bodies. Learning what works for you is key. Honoring what you need from how you are nourishing your body, mind, and soul is very important.


Just like the food you eat might be different than the food someone else eats, what you enjoy doing may look different from others. That is ok! It is what makes you unique. Has anyone asked you what to do and you respond immediately “I don’t know what do you want to do?” They asked you what YOU genuinely want to do. Is it hard for you to remember what you like to do? Maybe you have been focused on raising your family or work has taken over your every waking moment. 

We all need a reminder to take a break and do something for ourselves. Let this be your reminder to take a few quiet minutes alone to check in with yourself. When we check in with our self daily, we start to see subtle changes. You will know when your balance is off and then can act on taking measures to bring yourself back into balance.


We all have daily stressors that we need to navigate our way through. It is important to minimize the impact of those on your body. Stress has been labeled as the silent killer for as long as I can remember. Most of use know that but we are not given tools to deal with it. No one is handing out a Stress Management Guide to use before we go out into the world. We are all dealing with it everyday so why isn’t this an important skill we learn as a child?

It is not just dealing with the stress of the day-to-day but also learning to let stuff go. Harboring our thoughts and stressors hurts our body in ways we are only recently learning. Having a daily practice to maintain our overall wellness is the most important thing anyone can do.