Working with a Health Coach

You might be thinking why do I need a health coach? I have a doctor that takes care of my health. Well think of a health coach as an added tool in your wellness toolbox. Your doctor is prescribing you medications and treatments to cure your symptoms. An Integrative Health Coach can help you take your health up a notch and looks at your health in a holistic approach.

I will be exploring with you what is really preventing you from achieving the wellness goals you desire. I will meet with you and listen to your life story and goals. YOU will be the main focus. When you work with me as your Integrative Health Coach, you will get the following:

💙 Goal Setting and Accountability
💙 Appointments twice a month for 6 months
💙 Video appointments making it easy to attend from wherever you are
💙 Secure platform where you can do the following:
~ Message me
~ Tools to track your success
~ Stress management tools
~ Homework based on your individuality
💙 Holistic approach to your wellness including the following:
~ Lifestyle
~ Stress Management
~ Nutrition
~ Self-care
~ Home & Family
~ Joy
~ Other areas based on your individuality
💙 Gain a life full of energy, joy, and balance
💙 Improved sleep, balanced hormones, and great skin & hair

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Terri 💙


Institute of Integrative Nutrition Graduate IIN 📜
Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners


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