Winter makes you dry

I get so dry in the winter! I know why. It’s because the heat is on in the house. The next thing you know, all of the moisture is zapped out of the house.

My first symptom to show up is super dry skin and it seems I cannot put on enough cream. The next is my throat is all scratchy and when I talk I sound funny. Finally, I realize what is going on when my nose is all dried out and sometimes will bleed. Eew gross 😱

When these things happen, you know it’s time to get a humidifier. If you don’t have a humidifier, you should consider getting one or two. They are very helpful in replenishing moisture in the air during the wintertime. I place them in every room we spend a lot of time in. One in the bedroom, living room, and office.

For the dry skin, keep body oil in the shower. When you turn off the water rub it all over your wet body. Your pores are still open because of the shower, it makes it easy for your body to absorb all the goodness. Before going to bed, make sure you are cleaning your face and lathering on a rich face cream. For the hair take some Argan oil and work from the mid shaft down to the ends.

What are your tips for staying hydrated during the wintertime?

Terri 💙

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