What is an Integrative Health Coach?

An Integrative Health Coach is someone who has gone to school to learn about integrative health and coach clients on their nutritional health goals.  My clients learn how to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle in the real world.  The areas I focus on are nutrition for the mind, body and soul including nutrition on and off our plates.

As your Health Coach, I help you learn how to incorporate whole foods daily into your busy life and how real foods can make all the difference in your overall health.  I will guide and coach you over a period of 6 months supporting you with healthy changes that become healthy habits.

Some of the nutritional topics on your plate covered are:

  • How whole foods make all the difference in having a healthy body
  • The impact of processed foods in your diet
  • Teach you how to eat for your body (everyone is different)
  • Tips for removing sugar from your diet and how all sugars are not equal
  • You’ll learn what a balanced plate looks like

I also teach how to navigate the grocery stores aisles and give you tools for shopping and creating a pantry that will set you up for success.  Help you use your dollars wisely and only shop where you know the quality is there.  You will learn that the nutritional content of an apple can vary greatly, it depends on how it was grown, where pesticides where used, and how many miles it traveled to get to your store.

Nutrition off the plate is also included as part of the coaching relationship, including how your environment and daily life can improve or impact your overall health.  You will learn how you are stimulated by using technology and from the media and entertainment you consume on a daily basis.  I’ll help you get back in touch with yourself and what you really enjoy.  We do not get a redo of this life so you’ll discover ways to make every day count.

Some of the nutrition areas off the plate covered are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Sleep routines
  • Home environment
  • Stress management
  • Self-care

You will learn that to fill your cup daily should be a priority to achieve a well-balanced life.  When we do not fill our own cup, we end up seeing the results from our body in various ways.  Again, everyone is different, but we all have basic needs.  The ways the body communicates its imbalance can be with irregular sleep, poor skin, high blood pressure, weight gain, chronic inflammation and many more diseases that can be prevented with basic nutrition on and off the plate.

Coaching you for success is the biggest benefit a Health Coach provides.  I give you the space and time to make real changes.  I don’t judge nor give you suggestions that you are not ready for.  As an effective coach, I balance giving you enough information for you to be successful and holding you accountable.  I do not prescribe medications, nor will I ever tell you to get off your medication.  If approved, I will provide your doctor updates on your progress helping you keep your doctor in the loop.  Always remember a Health Coach is not a replacement for your medical doctor or specialist, think of me as an added tool in your wellness toolbox.

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