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Menopause arrives like a hurricane

I’ve finally entered menopause!  I had a very hard peri-menopause duration.  It seemed to last forever.  My symptoms were so bad that most doctors had no idea how to help me.  Their expressions when I would describe my symptoms were of shock.  I had the usual hot flashes that would come and go throughout the […]

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Today is going to be

I wanted to write “The best day ever!”  Truth is I don’t feel that way today.  I’m not having the best day ever.  I can say “Better than the day before.”  This is because I’m listening to my own wisdom today and being kind to myself. It is ok that I haven’t gotten done what […]

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Pandemic Hobbies Day After Day

                During this pandemic, do you feel like you’re living the movie Groundhog Day?  Every day you’re surrounded with the same things and same 3 people? In California, we are in a stay at home order again.  I’M SO OVER IT!  There I said it.  I love my […]

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