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You are what you eat

I eat baked goods and pizza! Just not everyday. Ever notice when you eat things that are loaded with sugar and preservatives that you crave more of them? It’s because the body becomes addicted to them. It creates a cycle of bad eating. When you continue to crave them you will continue to satisfy yourself […]

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Menopause arrives like a hurricane

I’ve finally entered menopause!  I had a very hard peri-menopause duration.  It seemed to last forever.  My symptoms were so bad that most doctors had no idea how to help me.  Their expressions when I would describe my symptoms were of shock.  I had the usual hot flashes that would come and go throughout the […]

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Today is going to be

I wanted to write “The best day ever!”  Truth is I don’t feel that way today.  I’m not having the best day ever.  I can say “Better than the day before.”  This is because I’m listening to my own wisdom today and being kind to myself. It is ok that I haven’t gotten done what […]

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