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The gut, the second brain

I think all of the new research on the gut microbiome is so cool.  We now know that the gut has a mind of its own.  It lives in the intestine and consists of your own unique population of microorganisms.  All the organisms, the microbiota, live together in our gut and need to be diverse […]

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Sugar is everywhere

Did you get off track with your eating during the holidays?  You are not alone.  I definitely had a bit too many cookies.  The key is that you can recognize it and reset your habits.  Take a break from the sugar and get back on track.  Sugar is our worst enemy when we are trying […]

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The Food you eat becomes YOU

Do you notice when you eat processed foods you have a foggy brain, feel sluggish, and not motivated at all?  You might even become depressed or your anxiety is through the roof.  Worst case you develop an inflammatory condition or even a disease.  Because the bad gut bugs are taking over, you also continue to […]

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