Save our Dirt

What did you do over the weekend? I watched a movie about dirt. If you have not seen this movie titled “Kiss the Ground” you need to. It is scary to think that we have a limited amount of harvests left on earth. That means if we do nothing we will not be able to grow food for us to eat. We must change our habits so that we can regenerate. You might think you can’t have any impact but you can. Just look at what you are a consumer of and if that is helping our hurting our dirt and Your Health. Use your buying power to purchase eggs that come from chickens who are allowed to roam free on a pasture the way they were supposed to. We have so many choices we make when we decide what to feed our family. Look at the ingredients, how it was raised, and or farmed. The methods used can negatively impact the quality of the food and the dirt it is grown in. The problem of dead dirt impacts us all. Be part of the solution. I encourage you all who are reading this to watch the movie. Learn about how you can help and share the message. We must regenerate our earth. Cheers, Terri 💙

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