Menopause arrives like a hurricane

I’ve finally entered menopause!  I had a very hard peri-menopause duration.  It seemed to last forever.  My symptoms were so bad that most doctors had no idea how to help me.  Their expressions when I would describe my symptoms were of shock.  I had the usual hot flashes that would come and go throughout the day and night. One minute I was hot and then the next minute I was freezing because of all the moisture on my body.  My daughter would look at me as one was coming on and say are you having a hot flash?  Visibly my face would start to sweat like I had just done cardio.

My emotions were a roller coaster that I never knew how I was feeling.  One minute I’m happy and over the top with excitement life and then one minute later I was agitated and crying without any real reason for the change.  My husband I’m sure started to think who is this woman I’m married to.  I couldn’t stop crying somedays.  It was hard!

One symptom no one really talks much about is nausea.  I suffered with daily nausea for 3 years.  One day it just appeared as a new symptom.  I had no idea why I was suddenly nauseous.  This symptom can be a result of a lot of real medical causes which started a series of tests, try this, now try this.  Nothing worked.  I ate so much ginger during this 3 years.  Too many ginger candies, mint tea, pressure point wrist guards.  You name it I must have tried it.  I’m sure my body was suffering because I really wasn’t eating much.  I wasn’t losing weight either.  Why is that?

Well turns out we are completely integrated and unique.  I discovered tools when I started to go to an integrative medical doctor.  When I arrived to see her, I was at my lowest.  My primary doctor had no idea how to help me.  I was on meds to attempt to level out my emotional roller coaster.  But I was not sick.  There was nothing wrong with me when they ran tests.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Or is your story different?  Post a comment sharing what you are going through.  My mission is to help other women not suffer like I had.  Sign up for a consultation with me if you need help. We are all unique and your fix is also.


Terri 💙


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