Just say goodbye 2020!

With the ringing in of a new year, everyone is talking about resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that they are usually too big to maintain. We reach too far too quick and nothing seems to stick.

Have you made a resolution to make you a healthier person? Are they long term changes that you can sustain for a lifetime or is it just a quick fix or gimmick? If you truly want to be healthier with changes that are lasting, try to start with small changes. When you start small and have the change become a habit, you will be more successful.

Are you still not sure how to start because in the past you were never successful? Do you think why bother? Try to sit in silence for a few moments and ask yourself what a priority should be this year. The answer is usually already there.

If you are stuck, try some of these ideas:

💙adding more water to your day replacing sugary or caffeine loaded drinks
💙swap out daily coffee with caffeine-free tea
💙spend more time with your loved ones
💙get out in nature more
💙add an additional vegetable to your plate crowding out the simple carbs
💙take a review of your refrigerator and pantry. Do you have too many products that have ingredients you can’t pronounce or even understand what it is? Replace with options that are whole foods and can understand the ingredients.

The idea is to start small. Small changes have a better chance at success and overtime become healthy habits. These are some of the areas I work with you as an Integrative Health Coach. Make this year be the year you are successful. Start by signing up with me for a Free 50-minute Consultation.

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Terri 💙

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