Inflammation caused by too much Sugar

What’s in your pantry could be causing your skin issues.  I had struggled with eczema throughout my life.  I would see my dermatologist and she prescribed ointments to help relieve the outbreaks.  Back then I didn’t draw the connection to what I was eating.  I just thought I had sensitive skin.  No one ever told me maybe I was eating too much sugar.  Hidden sugar in food is one of the causes of inflammation.  When we have too much inflammation in our bodies, our skin can break out with rashes and acne.  Doctors aren’t trained in nutrition so they don’t know these connections exist unless they obtain specialized education.  It wasn’t until I was continuing my education to become a health coach that I learned more about this connection.  We don’t realize how much sugar is in our diets.  When I decided to cut back on sugar, I was surprised to see how much sugar I was eating without even knowing.  I took an inventory of my pantry and reviewed all my labels.  I couldn’t believe I was finding sugar in mustard.  Why?  We don’t need sugar in mustard unless it is honey mustard.  Even then we hope they will use real honey.  My suggestion is to always read labels before you buy. Take a look around your pantry and read your labels.  Part of my health coaching program includes a pantry makeover where we really look at what you are eating and how it may be connected to your health concerns. Sign up for a free initial consultation to learn more!

What food do you enjoy but are surprised now at how much sugar is in it?

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