Hidden Gift from the Pandemic

During this year of Covid-19, the pandemic has given us some hidden gifts of time.  Time alone or time with our family.  For those who have lost loved ones, I am truly sorry.  It is devastating to lose people to a threat that no one can see or anticipate.  Just know that I am sending healing love out to everyone.  Your healing will take time. Be kind to yourself while you are going through the process.  Don’t try to rush yourself through as it is a grieving process the mind, body and soul requires to move forward.

During the pandemic, we have received a strange gift of time.

Time back from our commutes.  No longer are we rushing out the door and leaving our loved ones behind.  I have been fortunate that I have not had a long commute for a while.  My commute is going down the hall to my office.  I’m lucky!  My husband on the other hand used to travel a lot but during this pandemic, he is not traveling at all.  I think he realized that he does not enjoy all the travel he used to do.  He has been able to reimagine his work and perform it through video conferencing.  Many people have been able to find ways to continue being productive through the use of technology.

Time to get to know our family all over again.  With all this time together we are learning to be together.  Sometimes when you are not together all the time you lose touch of your relationship and the rhythms that used to exist.  Some have adult children who have had to move in for one reason or another.  It has given us a chance to find compassion and flexibility when you don’t agree with one another.  Many have not been given this chance because Covid-19 has taken it away from them.  Don’t wait to use your gift of time.  It is never too late.  Many of us are experiencing extended stay at home orders because the virus is spiking.  Take time to love your family and learn more about yourself.

Time to rediscover what you enjoy.  You may have learned that you no longer like where your home is or how you have it arranged.  It is the gift of time that has been given to us.  My gift of time has been useful.  I created healthy changes to my routine, improved my health and my family’s health.  I started each morning with my cup of tea journaling followed by meditation.  I created quiet time for me daily to make me a better mom and wife.  When we do something for ourselves, it not only improves your own health but it also has a ripple effect.  My daughter and husband have also started their own reflection process.  It is their own and looks different than mine.  That’s ok I’m glad they are doing it.

We have been given a second chance with this time.  The chance at self-reflection and to identify your own purpose on this earth.  Use this time carefully to look within.  Inside us where our keys to happiness exist.  If you haven’t been able to do this because the house is full of family sheltering at home, find some quiet moments alone where you can.  You deserve to give back to yourself.  Prioritize you.  If you don’t, who will?

The time given has been an eye opener on what is important and what is not.  We have let go of relationships that were not in our best interests and opened up for new ones in the coming year.  I know 2021 will be the year for everyone to foster health, growth and prosperity.  Stay positive and keep moving forward.  I would love to hear from all of you.  What gifts has this pandemic given to you and what are you hopeful for in 2021?

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