Gift yourself this season

Do you find yourself doing things for everyone else in your life and there is no time left for you? That was me before I learned that if I continued to drain my cup dry there would be no more me to give.

If you are a busy mom, employee, and friend, you have a lot of demands on your time and know what I’m talking about. People may ask you to do something for them or to go with them somewhere that you really don’t want to but you say yes anyways. You say yes because you don’t want to hurt their feelings.

Guess what? You are hurting yourself because you are not being true to yourself. The more you do this you will notice small hints from your body that things are not right. You may not be sleeping well, you may find yourself stressed out all the time, or you may fall sick and not even realize why it is happening. You find yourself one day without any resiliency to handle the daily stressors we all face. Your ability to manage what should seem like normal daily activities are impossible. This was me. I had to find myself again. I had to fill my cup!

I am on the journey back to myself. A continuous journey to wellness by filling my cup daily. My journey began by creating a morning ritual for myself. Now I dedicate quiet time for myself each morning by making a cup of tea, writing in my morning journal, and meditating. Just that small gift to myself allows me to show up energized for the day ahead. I’m able to manage what the day throws at me and I’m a better wife, mom, and friend because of it.

Consider how you are giving to yourself. If you are not, try to incorporate something to fill your cup. Your mind and body will thank you 💙

Terri 💙

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