Fall is upon us!

It’s FALL!  Now that we have transitioned into a new season, do you notice you are craving different foods?  It’s natural for you to want to eat differently.  We are rhythmic beings.  As the seasons change we tend to want foods that are in alignment with the seasons.  Now with Fall upon us I am craving root veggies and pumpkin flavors.  These are great things to add to your diet if you haven’t already.  Root vegetables are loaded with antioxidants.  They are a carb so don’t eat a boat load but if you prepare them as a side dish they are a welcome addition to any diet.  I will get a variety and cut them all about the same size.  Toss them with avocado oil and seasonings.  Lay them all on a single layer on a sheet pan and put in the oven until they are cooked.  The variety makes it fun and gets your family to try new things.  For an added touch, drizzle a bit of vinegar towards the end of the cooking.  It adds a fun touch. When enjoying your Pumpkin flavors just be careful that some foods with pumpkin can tend to be sugary.  Make your own at home and you can control the ingredients better. I’m interested in knowing what your favorite fall foods are that you can’t resist?

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