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How to Boost Your Energy

Energy is what fuels our day, but what if you don’t have any?  Do you wake up feeling tired?  So many women today are struggling to do what they want to achieve due to lack of energy, not motivation. We often use stimulants to gain energy and other things to relax at the end of […]

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5 Things about me

Hi everyone, I thought it was time to reintroduce myself.  Some of you know me and others are just getting to know me.  I’m usually a very private person so for me posting every week is hard.  I never was on social media until I became a health coach.  Thank you for being patient with […]

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Hidden Gift from the Pandemic

During this year of Covid-19, the pandemic has given us some hidden gifts of time.  Time alone or time with our family.  For those who have lost loved ones, I am truly sorry.  It is devastating to lose people to a threat that no one can see or anticipate.  Just know that I am sending […]

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