Category: Holistic Health Coaching

Another tool in your wellness toolbox

We all have a doctor and probably a few specialists we see like a dermatologist or an OBGYN.  But have you ever wondered if you need a Health Coach?  A Health Coach can help set you up for a life of balanced health for a lifetime. There are many reasons to add this tool to […]

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What is an Integrative Health Coach?

An Integrative Health Coach is someone who has gone to school to learn about integrative health and coach clients on their nutritional health goals.  My clients learn how to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle in the real world.  The areas I focus on are nutrition for the mind, body and soul including nutrition on and […]

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Just say goodbye 2020!

With the ringing in of a new year, everyone is talking about resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that they are usually too big to maintain. We reach too far too quick and nothing seems to stick. Have you made a resolution to make you a healthier person? Are they long term changes that you […]

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