Another tool in your wellness toolbox

We all have a doctor and probably a few specialists we see like a dermatologist or an OBGYN.  But have you ever wondered if you need a Health Coach?  A Health Coach can help set you up for a life of balanced health for a lifetime.

There are many reasons to add this tool to your toolbox.  We become your partner in health.  No matter where you are in your life’s journey, you can benefit by adding a Health Coach to your overall wellness toolbox.  We are dedicated to your success and tailor suggestions to where you are at.  When you work with me, you are starting your journey to health and have me by your side for 6 months.

Most of the time you see your doctor once or maybe twice a year.  That is not enough time to really know you or understand your struggles.  They went to school to learn about the body, symptoms, and how to fix the symptom.  Health Coaches are educated in holistic approaches and nutrition; most doctors are not.  We learn how to prevent the symptoms by improving your whole life.  We use simple lifestyle suggestions that are easy to incorporate and give you the confidence to take you forward.  I recognize that doctors and specialists are necessary in supporting your health.  They are educated in prescribing medicines and treatments we all may require during our life at one time or another.  I do not prescribe medications, nor will I ever tell you to get off your medication.  If approved, I will provide your doctor updates on your progress helping you keep your doctor in the loop.

Always remember a Health Coach is not a replacement for your medical doctor or specialist, think of me as an added tool in your wellness toolbox.

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