About Terri

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my website. I’m Terri SenRoy, a New Englander, wife, mom, friend, artist, cook, gardener, and survivor. My journey to wellness was not a straight line and sometimes it felt like I was going backwards.

As my mom describes it, I was a very sickly child. Although my body was challenged, I didn’t slow myself down. I loved the outdoors and helping people.

All my challenges have made me stronger and contributed to my story. I’ve learned now my body is letting me know when I need to pay attention. When I am experiencing an imbalance, my body will give me hints that something is not right.

My first real wakeup call was when I was in my 30s. No one expected it. I ate healthy and tried to stay fit but I had a stroke. Who has a stroke in their 30s? That was my first loud message from my body.

After healing from my stroke, I went right back to the same stressful job and continued along the same path as I was prior to the stroke.

In my 40s, my body spoke up again. I was diagnosed with cancer. Now with cancer added to my story you would think that was enough to get me to make some adjustments but I healed from cancer and went back to work. Months after cancer I came down with the worst flu I have ever experienced.

I couldn’t work and I was worried as I had already taken time off because of my cancer treatment. Here I am worrying about work and my body is literally falling apart. My body was trying to talk to me but I wasn’t listening. I went to my doctor and she suggested I take a longer break to heal.

My nurse even asked me, “When are you going to slow down and listen to your body?” I laughed at what she said but something stuck inside me. A little itch that was trying to come out. Maybe I do need to take a break.

I ended up taking a leave of absence to heal. During that time, I told my husband I wanted to quit my job. We were both in stressful jobs and I knew something had to change. I think deep down I was worried I’d have another stroke.

I gave my notice and they declined. Eventually, we agreed I would work remotely as a consultant for them. As I moved across the country to start a new life, my stress level did not adjust I just moved my office. I wanted to destress our lives but, in reality, it is easier said than done. You have to put in the effort to reduce stress.

As I was entering my 50s, my perimenopause symptoms were kicking up into high gear. I talked to my doctors about my experiences and how I felt and they all seemed perplexed that any of my symptoms were menopause-related. We all know about hot flashes and irritability. I had those and also some new ones they have never heard of like anxiety through the rook and nausea. I had nausea everyday for 3 years! I had not slept through the night for over 3 years.

Basic treat for menopause-related symptoms was hormonal replacement theory however I was not a candidate due to my stroke history. Doctors instead prescribed me off label uses of some medications used for people with anxiety, seizures, panic disorders to list a few. No one asked me holistic type questions. No one asked me what I did for self-love. I felt like a test patient as no one seemed to know what to do for me other than give me a new medication or send me to another doctor.

I didn’t need any more medication I needed relief! I keep looking for answers. I knew there had to be a way to give my body what I needed to heal and thrive. This cannot be normal.

Good news is it is not normal! I found integrative medicine and now I follow a holistic wellness plan from my integrative physician. My new doctor also got me looking into other modalities to help me ease my stress. This is where my current journey begins. I’m healing everyday from the inside out.

As I have progressed through my own healing, I couldn’t help thinking that I need to help others. I needed to be able to help other women find their own wellness journey which lead me to go back to school and become an Integrative Health Coach.

I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. At IIN they teach a broad view of holistic wellness and how we are all individuals. One diet that works for someone could be like poison for another. That is so true with everything in life. Everyone likes different things, comes from a different heritage, and our environment we create to live in is unique to ourselves.

My dream is that no other woman will suffer as much as I have. My commitment is to keep learning and sharing knowledge so that women know that their health is the most precious thing they have. If you have a balanced wellness approach, you can achieve anything!


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