The gut, the second brain

I think all of the new research on the gut microbiome is so cool.  We now know that the gut has a mind of its own.  It lives in the intestine and consists of your own unique population of microorganisms.  All the organisms, the microbiota, live together in our gut and need to be diverse […]

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Sugar is everywhere

Did you get off track with your eating during the holidays?  You are not alone.  I definitely had a bit too many cookies.  The key is that you can recognize it and reset your habits.  Take a break from the sugar and get back on track.  Sugar is our worst enemy when we are trying […]

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The Food you eat becomes YOU

Do you notice when you eat processed foods you have a foggy brain, feel sluggish, and not motivated at all?  You might even become depressed or your anxiety is through the roof.  Worst case you develop an inflammatory condition or even a disease.  Because the bad gut bugs are taking over, you also continue to […]

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Hi, I’m Terri and thanks for coming to my website!

My mission is to help women be healthy.  The myJourney program is one on one private coaching to help you discover what is ailing you.  My program is unique to each woman. Everyone is unique and one person’s medicine is another person’s poison.

One thing that often happens as we advance in our careers or have a family is that our health starts to show signs of imbalance.  It can show up in different ways from being overly stressed to you can’t lose those 10 pounds that have been sticking around for a few years.

I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years.  I led world class software quality assurance teams across the globe.  Every day I gave all I had to my family and my job.  I felt it was my job to make everyone around me successful.  I took my job very seriously.  To the point that I got sick over and over again.  You can read more about this on my About page.

The thing is I didn’t really learn from being sick.  I treated each incident like a cold and when I got better, I just went back to work.  One day I was sitting in a doctors office talking with a nurse telling her how sick I felt.  I had just completed my radiation treatment from Thyroid cancer.  She was listening to me, hearing my story and how I explained that my team was counting on me to get back to work.

She looked at me and said “When are you going to listen to your body?”   HUH, I thought what do you mean?  I was told to take time off work.  She wrote a doctors note that said “Terri needs bed rest for 6 weeks.”  I couldn’t believe it.  What I didn’t know then that I do know now is she was spot on.  I needed a rest.  I needed to catch up on rest and self-care that I was starving my mind, body, and soul for years.

With all the stressors from daily life, managing a household, raising children, and giving all of you, when do you give back to yourself?  Do you claim you have no time for yourself?  I was guilty of this.  We all have time to be happy if you chose to be.  Remember it is your job to respect yourself before you can expect others to.

When you sign up with me for the myJourney program, you get private coaching from someone who has struggled with all of this and come out the other side.  We will work together discovering how your lifestyle and nutrition is or is not helping you.  You will get the VIP service with me and the private system I created just for my clients.

When you sign up for one on one online coaching with Terri, these are some of your benefits:

  • Holistic wellness goal setting
  • Accountability and mentoring
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Added tool in your wellness toolbox
  • Pantry makeovers
  • Stress management
  • Gift of wellness and harmony
  • Customized approached to fit your lifestyle
  • Gain a partner who will support you
  • Focus on not just the problems but where they are coming from

Wonder why you need to hire a Health Coach when you already have a doctor?  An Integrative Health Coach is someone who is trained in Holistic Health.  I am not a prescribing doctor, one who is trained in a specialty and focused on fixing a pain or chronic illness.  They tend to look at the symptoms and fix the problem in isolation.  They are not trained holistically.  I’m trained in Integrative Nutrition which includes nutrition on and off the plate.  Off the plate nutrition is how you nurture your mind and soul.  How you live your life and what you surround yourself with is a big area we cover together.

In our sessions, I am focused only on you for each of our online appointments.  In these 50 minute sessions, we will dig deep into all areas of your life including food nutrition, lifestyle, home, career, and relationships.  Each session is unique to you and is guided by where you are at and what you are focused on and not where I think you should be.

Possible side effects of signing up with Terri (results may vary)

  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Energy
  • Clear Skin
  • Food Freedom
  • More Resilient
  • Better Sleep
  • Happy YOU

If you are ready, sign up below to discover how working with a health coach could change everything.  It’s easy to get started!  Just click the link below for a FREE 50 minute initial consultation.  During this appointment, you will learn how I can help you reveal your best self.